About Us

Greenwood Pest Management is a locally owned and operated pest control, wildlife, and lawn and turf company serving the Souther-Tier of New York state as well as Pennsylvania. We are fully licensed and insured and are here to help with any pest need. Residential and Commercial.

A true family owned and operated business. 

We know a lot of people in our area still value doing business with local people and local companies. We are truly a local company. We all live in the southern-tier and our revenue stays in the southern-tier and our communities. Others in our area say that they are local howver there are a number of them who are owned by large corporations or forign corporations and operate under the previous company name.        

At Greenwood Pest Management, Inc. We try and do business as well as partner with other local companies to source as much for our business and family needs as possible. We truly appreciate your business and hope you will join the Greenwood Pest Management Family for your pest & wild life, or lawn fertilization needs. A big thank you from our family to yours!

Why Choose Us?

We have the right skills and experiance to help you with any pest, wildlife, or lawn needs. 

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Best Trained Applicators 

We spend a conciderable amount of time and money on staying up to date with the industry. We attend classes and trainings to ensure that we are as knowledgable and have the nessecary tools available to assist in any pest, wildlife, and lawn needs you may have.

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Guaranted Solution

We also keep a Board Certified Entomologist on retainer for when we are having issues identifying a new insect or animal we haven't seen before in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and ensure our treatment is most effective.           

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Professional Work

We employ and train all of our applicators to be professionals in our field. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. If you have a proplem with any of your services please call and speak with us today!